Facing the Light – Portraits of Parkinson’s at the Forum

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A message from the artist Timothy Cumming. "The idea was inspired by two women I know both with Parkinsons. One was diagnosed 10 years ago before she was 40 . She's struggled to learn to live with her condition: life isn't easy for her but she's coping admirably and is an optimist. The other has not yet accepted her condition.The former is facing the light. The other is still perhaps in the dark.I hope that this show may go some way to improving the quality of their lives and those of others. Not only by raising money for medical research but also by building awareness of the condition and the need for a cure".

 facing the light

A collection of contemporary portraits uniting leading public figures, MPs, researchers, people with Parkinsons and their carers.

First shown at gallery@oxo on Londons South Bank - this exhibition is being sponsored by Parkinsons Ride in aid of the Cure Parkinsons Trust.

Private viewing on Monday 13th May 7- 9pm  by invitation only. For more inofrmation please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please click here for more for more details about the exhibition at The Forum and here to visit the Facing The Light website.

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