Parkinsons Fighters Demonstration Dereham Hospital Fete 21st June 2014

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Jon Thaxton demonstrated his training programme which he has developed with the Parkinsons Fighters to help people with Parkinsons at the Friends of Dereham Hospital Fete on Saturday. The former European and British lightweight champion  holds weekly training sessions to improve coordination and fitness of those with Parkinsons.  Founder of Parkinsons Ride and Parkinsons Fighters, Mark Whitworth was diagnosed four years ago at the age of just 38 said "everybody relates to it as an older persons illness but one in 20 people diagnosed is under the age of 40. The sesssions have benefitted me tremendously". Gerald Bush 70 (shown below in EDP coverage of the event) could not walk unaided before the sessions started but no longer uses his stick "it has done wonders for my balance".


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