DBS implants are definitely working

The DBS implants are definitely working,after doing tests whiles on my meds they then done them off my meds there was only a small change but this morning they turned my machine off ,This may shock some of you but I seem to laugh most of the time ,got to if not I’d cry. So the video you are about to see is of me off of my meds and my DBS is turned off. Take care be strong and always keep fighting Mark #NHSworkswonders #FindACureForParkinsons #ParkinsonsFighter The examination lasted about half an hour then my muscles went into spasm and stiffness, after about five minutes of my Machine being turned off this was the result.

Parkinsons Disease - This time last year

This time last year - This article was written December 2017

Mark whitworthSo many things have happened over the past year and it seem to have gone extremely Quick, times seem to fly by when you don’t work but that not through choose.
My son is in his third year at uni ,he’s settled in well and has meet some great friends ,only getting to see him on term time makes me sad but I’m so proud of his commitment and at least we have facetime know so I get to talk whenever I like.

My girls have left school and have a little job ,they have also started there driving lessons and are meant to be saving for a car ,dad and mum takes it in turn to run them to collage four times a week. They seem to enjoy collage better than school.

Then there is the wife, she is my rock and when she said those words in sickness and in health, she meant it as we have been through some tough times, lucky for me we don’t lead a Champaign life style and a kebab or a Chinese on a Saturday night while watching X factor is more than enough to keep her happy, as well as looking after me see works many hours as a nurse at the n&n hospital, sorts all the bills my meds she does almost every thing for me ,to which I am very grateful ,I find it hard to show sometimes but I love her so much and could not be without her ,I could not be without any of them.

Well it was this time last year that I was waiting for my DBS operation, my Parkinson’s had gotten worst and I was struggling and struggling a lot, you see I am very good at hiding my feeling and always like to put on a brave face to please others, being a working man from the age of thirteen it hits hard when you are told you can no longer go to work to support your family and to say it easy to get help, well that another story.

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