Parkinsons Awareness Week at Langley Prep School

Parkinsons Ride went to Langley Prep School on Yarmouth Rd last week for Parkinsons Awareness Week. The children from Reception to Year 6 were read a story in assembly to introduce the condition. The story was about a Grandad telling his grandson about the symptoms of Parkinsons and how they effect this everyday life.  

paw 1As the week progressed each year gorup  investigated Parkinsons in more depth with Niki Oldroyd and Mark Whitworth, in their PSE (Personal and Social Education) lessons.

Using age appropriate information the children  learnt about the three main symptoms slowness, stiffness and tremor and tried to simulate having Parkinsons using various methods such as  trying to do buttons  up wearing gloves and imagining freezing in the street or sleeping with every muscle tensed.

In the picture to the left Year 6 are standing on one leg and trying to walk trying to think about what it would feel like if your brain said go but your legs said no!

The week culminated in Use Your Head for Parkinson's Day where children and teachers donated £1 to come to school wearing something smart, unusual or ridiculously silly on their heads. There were some very silly heads for a very worthy cause - the children raised £110 which will go to Parkinson's UK.

Year 3 are pictured below with Mark


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