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Hi i hope you are all feeling good,not been able to do many updates as late as i my self have been feeling low,but with a change of meds i am once again getting back to normal,keep calling back and if you have any storys pls feel free to e-mail them to us.

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Parkinsons Ride Summer Festival Season

A host of characters including Sponge Bob Square Pants and Buzz Lightyear joined us to raise funds to  increase awareness of Parkinson’s in young people at the Sundown and Reload Fesitvals held at the Norwich Showground earlier this month. Founder of Parkinsons Ride, Mark Whitworth was overwhelmed by the generosity of the 40,000 festival goers who donated over £3000 by buying wrist bands, silly sunglasses and trendy bandanas. Mark said “we would like to thank the organisers of Sundown and Reload for letting us fund raise at the events - we have become a bit of an institution now having been there for the last 4 years and always enjoy working there” he continued
"One in 500 people in Norfolk have Parkinson’s and of those one in twenty is under forty at diagnosis -  all the people who stopped to chat us were shocked by this. Nearly everyone knew someone with the condition but they all assumed that only elderly people get it”
Parkinsons Ride would like to say a big thank you to the volunteers - all friends and family of Mark and Niki who helped at the event and an even bigger thank you to anyone who kindly donated any amount. 

Mark and Buzz            








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