SIgned Norwich City Shirt

Many of you know about my fight with Parkinson's and I know there are many charities around that we all support. finding a cure for Parkinson's is top of my list ,thats why we at parkinson's ride support THE CURE PARKINSON'S TRUST.
I had the pleasure of being invited to The Norwich city football clubs training ground ,where I was presented with a signed norwich city top by Russel Martin ,to aution of to raise funds for CPT.
so here goes
Please Like and invite your friend's

sundown and reaload weekend

Had two great weekends with lots of great people,Thanks to you all for you help in raising fund for The cure Parkinson's trust


Special Thanks must go to Nigel Briggs AT SSY Security FOR making this happen again,To the SUNDOWN. And Reload Team ,


Also to the Norwich Star Wars team Jason Buxton Richard Walker.There are to many other to list but you know who you all are



Also a big Thank you to all that stop by and donated.

Together at both Events We Raised £4300 ,Once again Thank you

Take care be strong


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